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Transfer Switches

EPG Controls has made thousands of transfer switches. Easily one of the most accessible products, known for reliability and ease of use, they are  trusted across the globe.

3 Source ATS

  • The 3 Source ATS will handle 3 sources of Power
  • Utility, Generator One and Generator Two


Close Transition ATS

  • Close Transition ATS
  • Utility-Generator or Generator 1-Generator 2 sources momentarily parallel
  • Seamless power transfer.
  • Passive source synchronization 
  • Active (Voltage and Frequency match) synchronization as an option.


Open Transition ATS

  • Common Transfer Switch
  • Monitors the Utility Power
  • Upon failure will signal the generator to start
  • Transfer from one source to another is done in a break-before-make faction with several customer programmable settings regarding voltage and timing functions

Circuit Breaker ATS

  • Utility and Generator Protection 

Multi ATS Systems


  • Condominium use
  • Any combination of sizes