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Paralleling Switchgear

When it comes to choices in paralleling systems no one offers more designs than EPG Controls. You will get a system not more or no less than your exact needs. Built with simplicity of operation and ease of maintenance in mind. We have built hundreds of paralleling systems for costumers across the globe. 

  • UL 891 or IEC design
  • Medium to large sized generators
  • Choice of circuit breakers (ABB, Eaton, Siemens)

  • Small to medium sized generators
  • Easy to maintain
  • Cost effective design

Xpress 1 closed

  • Compact and economic design for dual generator system


  • Designed for specific customer requirements

   power module 2.2


  • Versatile Power module switchgear
  • Choice of circuit breakers

mini 4.1


  • Small generators
  • Very cost effective design
  • Compact size